Entry: My girlfriend is suffering from cancer. Nov 18, 2003

I was talking to her suddenly she fainted. I ran and brought some water and sprinkled over her and she got up. She was in a terrible shape. She kept fainting every fifteen minutes or so. I was so scared ,though I am not a doctor I tried to give her some medicines which barely worked. She started fainting every minute or so now. I now brought my tools and started operating her only to find that a her left lung was not working. I changed her lung with my neighbor's girlfriend but she still wasnt able to get up. She probably went into a coma. After some ten hours I again tried to use my surgical skills played around with the lungs and stuff and suddenly an idea struck me I took out and replaced some veins and there she was talking to me .... barely a few moments passed and she went back to coma again ... there were some important things about my term paper she remebered so I took out her brain and implanted it in my neihgbor's girlfriend's head and was able to trace that info. Now I am really busy and have given up on my medical skills... so after my exam I plan to call a doctor to see my girlfriend.She is still in coma. I dont feel like getting into my room where she is resting. And its because of this I was not able to update my blog all these days. Pals please pray for my girlfriend.
( Hope u had fun reading it ... my girlfriend= my computer, lung=RAM, brain=harddisk, veins=jumpers )
My comp is all messed up :((


November 22, 2003   09:56 PM PST
Add to it, his girlfriend also killed my term paper (display) and the presentation for her brains contained all the important data that we needed to submit our paper.

Pranshu... u know what.... ur gf is of NO USE! Throw her away!

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