Entry: Don't Go!!! Nov 14, 2003

She was looking scared. Actually wore a complicated expression. I could see the tears in her little eyes. She wasnt ready to belive it. She was trying to hear something in that slience full of cacophony. She could see her friends calling from the distance. She closed her eyes,"travelled down meadows of the past to recollect every bit of that sweet soft voice she could, all the little moments of happiness she shared with that little one,it was all rushing past her eyes like a movie reel.....!! everything is black now". She opened her eyes and started to move back. Barely she went a couple of yards and she turned back. She gave him one final look, her mind realized that this is inevitable but, somewhere in a corner of her heart the hopes were still alive ...I could see it all through her eyes. She kept walking on and on ...... dint turned back.
This was the sad story of a squirrel who lost her child because a cat pounced on him just outside our lab in the afternoon.


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