Entry: Dream of a Doll Nov 4, 2003

Dream of a doll
a day on a lonely island
with her best friend
holding his hand

for hours they talk
as they go for a walk
along the serene blue waters
dreams come true for this doll

the evening full of placid showers
an umbrella and some flowers
a slice of pizza and a cup of tea
doll finds all her happiness along the calm sea

like the moon at half dusk
the doll is glowing at her luck
she wants to hold the time
and sing all the time
" He's mine "


November 4, 2003   09:40 PM PST
That was really sugary Pranshu. :) Btw, who's this "twg", this poem's meant for, huh? *wink* *wink*

And yeah, the dolls in the pic are lovely. :)

Take care,
November 4, 2003   02:35 PM PST
Kaun hai yeh doll ?
Mere liye to kabhi poem nahi likhi .... mai bhi doll hoon aur itne dreams dekhti hoon ... :-p
November 4, 2003   10:15 AM PST
its......gr88.....amazin.....wonderful.....too good for words!btw,why dint u mention who this doll is?Lucky gal.....i must say!;-)
but...isnt she gettin too possesive bout her best friend,sayin hez onli hers?:-p

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