Entry: Story if Ice, Vanilla and Strawberry Feb 5, 2004

Its a story of three school kids.Ice, a five year old boy with golden hair, falling on the forehead. Vanilla, a living doll with a sweet voice and long hair. Both used to live in the same colony. Strawberry,enters later.
The first day at the Trinity School.Lots of lovely children, all dressed up by their moms. The little classroom was buzzing with their chattering, some were crying, while some were busy finding out what was there for them in that rhymes book. The teacher entered and the children seen held to their seats, all little curious faces staring at this not-so-loving looking lady. Ever since his early days Ice was mad about drawing. He started doodling in his notebook. Vanilla had this habit of being in dreams.Colorful dreams of dolls, chocolates and flowers. She was just out of her dreams and happened to look into that boy's notebook. The notebook was full of all kind of chocolates. She couldnt stop revealing those little white teeths to him.

Vanilla:Hey what is your name?
Ice :Ice, yours is Vanilla right?
Vanilla:How do you know?
Ice :Its written over there, on your notebook.
*shake hands*

Ice always had chocolates in his pocket, poor kids wer caught by the teacher.
That was the start of a beautiful,innocent friendship between these two lovely kids. Two most favorite kids of the school and the best friends ever, Ice and Vanila. They grew up and so did the special bond between them.

----- Now in VIII grade -------
The start of this new session of school drenched with heavy rains. Kids seen around with their umbrellas, rain-suits. The morning prayer now used to be held in central hall instead of the playground, which is no less than a swimming pool now.
Ice just loved getting drenched in the rain and so did Vanilla and they used to do the rain-dance on their way to school pretty often. The first morning of that July was completely drenched in heavy rainfalls. Ice is walking down the street, swinging his water-bottle and surprisingly having an umbrella in his hand. Vanilla nowhere around. Someone calls him from behind, it was Jimmy.
Jimmy : Hey Ice, Wheres Vanilla today??
Ice : She isnt back from Pune yet.
Ice started to pace down the slippery corridor. He was late and the period bell has already struck. He was afraid of being scoulded to miss the prayer.Just around the turn he bumped into someone. He looked up at the girl with drenched hair. I am sorry she said and ran away. He stayed there for a while amused, smiled and started walking towards the left block. The teacher was calling the names of the students for the attendance. Ice!! Yes Ma'm he muttered. "Just in time", the teacher almost growled. He walked in and sat on the last bench besides Jimmy. "Shes very strict, dont do that again" Jimmy whispered. Just when the teacher was through with attendance, she heard "May I come in Ma'm". She looked at her watch and said, "Come in". The girl almost ran to find a seet."Dont do that again" she mumbled. The girl saw Ice sitting there and gave a smile, the boy reciprocated amusingly.She sat on the bech in front of them. In the reccess Ice introduced Strawberry to Jimmy and all his other friends. Everyone was impressed by this beautiful girl.

(It was the only good school in a suburban colony and thats why most kids lived nearby)

Next day was shiny and bright and the birds were all cheerful, chirping loudly. Ice and Vanilla were walking to the school, as usual Ice was busy reading an Archies.He kept telling funny things in it to her.Their giggle was in perfect harmony with the chirping of the birds. Like earlier Ice, Vanilla and Jimmy sat on the third bench, which was besides the window. These three kids are occupying that bench since years. The three were among the top five students of the class but were always punished for talking in the class.In the reccess they all sat in a circle and shared their tiffins. Very soon Strawberry also became a part of their group.Like these three kids, she was also pretty intelligent and lively.All four of them became great friends in no time.Then came the exams, they all used to study together, mostly at Vanilla's place. Vanilla's elder sister used to help them in studies whenever needed. All of them did well in the exams.
Trinity school used to organize its annual function in the holidays. The group of these four kids was always looked up at for performances. Ice was good at Singing, Fine arts and Softball while Vanilla always used to steal the show with her folk dance.These four kids were the most loved ones in the school, be it any festival or sports competition, the class looked up to them.
Ice and Strawberry lived quite close to each other and after the school they normally spent time together in the community park.With time Strawberry's feeling for Ice changed and she began to like him. One day while playing in the park, Strawberry asked Ice, do you think I am someone more than just a friend for you. Ice never expected this to come up.He could only say that I am not sure about it. What was it that made him so unsure of his feelings for Strawberry, he had feelings for Vanilla? After that day both of them were reluctant to break the ice. The coldness prevailed in their relationship. In the next summer vaccations, Vanilla went to Bombay. She had to go in a hurry so cudnt meet anyone before she left. And she never came back. All Ice could knew about her was that she has shifted to Bombay. He had no way to contact her.



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You must continue this story Pranshu...

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