Entry: Dollops of Love Oct 28, 2003

Written for

Like that speck of cloud in the blue sky
you came with those dollops of love
Cuddled in wraps of chocolate
diabetically sweet, dollops of love
Loved me in your own special way ..a bit shy

Feelings of my heart blossom as you move
showering sensuously sweet dollops of love
Lavenders of my heart
fragrant, with your dollops of love
I am nothing without you...my love

Whenever these eyes felt wet,
with me, were those dollops pf love
Drops of dew on the rose petals
can never be as soft as those dollops pf love
With your warm embrace I have nothing more to get

Light of my eyes, Sound of my voice
Rhythm of my breath, Meaning of my life
Princess of my heart
never devoid me of those dollops of love

by Pranshu


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